The Learning on Screen Awards

Since 2005, the Learning on Screen Awards have showcased the best in educational film and television. We celebrate a wide range of broadcast and professional productions as well as provide a platform for generations of upcoming student filmmakers.

Our Learning on Screen Awards provide a platform for filmmakers to showcase their exceptional work in the field of educational film and television. This annual event celebrates a diverse range of productions, including those created by student filmmakers as well as professional productions.

By participating in the Learning on Screen Awards, filmmakers can have their work recognised and appreciated by a wider audience. The Awards highlight some of the best in educational film and television, putting a spotlight on innovative approaches, creative storytelling, and educational value in these productions.

Overall, the Learning on Screen Awards not only honour outstanding educational film and television productions, but also offer filmmakers the opportunity for greater exposure, recognition, and impact. The event contributes to the promotion and accessibility of educational media and fosters innovation and excellence in this field.





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