Learning on Screen Awards

Eligibility and How to Enter


The deadline for entries is 11pm on Friday 3rd February 2023.

To be eligible to enter, films/projects must have been created, completed, or made public since 14th January 2022.

Your film must be:

    - In English, or with English subtitles
    - Uploaded to your entry form as an mp4 file and playable in a standard web browser

Entries that don’t meet these criteria or that are submitted after the deadline (without prior authorisation for extenuating circumstances) will be disqualified.

Only student-made work will be eligible in the student categories (College, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Documentary, Music Video, Animation). Student work can be entered in the other categories should students feel this is a better fit and they will be charged the student rate (£38.50) for entry into any category.

How to Enter:

  • This year, we are using an awards submission platform called Zealous where you will be able to enter your submission details, edit your submission and view it once it has been submitted.

    To enter the awards, visit the entry form where you will need to register for a Zealous account. Registering for an account will allow you to log-in to edit your submission as many times as you want before sending your final entry to us.

    The deadline for entries is 11pm on Friday 3rd February 2023. You can enter more than one category, but you must complete a separate entry form for each category you enter.

    To complete the form, you will need to provide the following information:

      - Your name and the names of any collaborators
      - A contact email address and phone number
      - Your film uploaded as an mp4 or mov format with 1080p resolution and minimum bit rate of 10Mbps (N.B. if entering the Online Educational Resource category you will need to provide a trailer or an example video from the resource for us to use in the ceremony should you be shortlisted)
      - A summary of your film/project, its objectives, your target audience and approximate budget
      - Payment information (card details)
  • Students: £38.50 (inc. VAT) Student-made films entering any category

    Members: £98.50 (inc. VAT) Members of Learning on Screen entering any category – check your membership status by contacting ask@learningonscreen.ac.uk

    Non-members: £137.50 (inc. VAT) Non-members of Learning on Screen entering any category

    • 2. Register for a Zealous account (your name and email address will be requested and you need to choose a password)
      3. Complete the entry form for your chosen category/categories – you can login to return the form and edit it up until the deadline.
      4. Pay for your entry
      5. All done!

    For technical support with your submission you can email: info@zealous.co. Zealous also offer a chat help service between 9am and 5pm, Monday - Friday to support you with any questions about using the platform. For any other awards enquiries not related to the Zealous platform, contact: awards@learningonscreen.ac.uk

  • If your film is shortlisted:

      • Your film must be made viewable to the public
      • Your film (or clips) will be included in the awards presentation film which will be broadcast on our YouTube channel
      • All winning films will be screened publicly at the Learning on Screen Awards ceremony and clips may be used on Learning on Screen’s social media channels, unless an exception has been agreed
      • You must be available for media and communications opportunities, typically from April to June
      • Learning on Screen will issue a press release announcing the shortlist and winners, and encourage all those who have been shortlisted to share this press release with their academic institution or any relevant organisations that have been involved with the film.

    If your film cannot meet these requirements (for example, due to intellectual property restrictions), your entry will be disqualified. If you have concerns that your film might include intellectual property that cannot be shared, please contact us as early as possible: awards@learningonscreen.ac.uk

  • This guidance, and these terms, constitute the rules of the Learning on Screen Awards. Learning on Screen reserves the right to alter or amend any of these rules or cancel the Awards at any time in their absolute discretion.

    Judges and outcomes

      1. We reserve the right to change one or more of the judges if necessary, at any stage of the competition.
      2. The judges’ decisions are final.
      3. The organisers, reviewers and judges reserve the right to move an entry into another category when they feel that such a move will be of advantage to the entry.
      4. We will not enter into any correspondence regarding the judges’ decision.

    Your participation and your data

      1. Your offer to participate in the Learning on Screen Awards is subject to continued acceptance of these conditions.
      2. By entering the Awards, you accept these rules and guidance.
      3. You must supply full details as required and comply with all rules of the Awards.
      4. You recognise that your application and personal data will be shared with Learning on Screen and, if longlisted, the judging panel (minus personal contact information) and, if shortlisted, a PR agency, for the purpose of administering the Awards.
      5. You should also note that if we identify a need to do so we may contact you later for more information about you or your entry.

    For enquiries about the awards, please email the Learning on Screen Awards team: awards@learningonscreen.ac.uk


      1. To be eligible to enter, films/projects must have been created, completed, or made public since 14th January 2022.
      2. Entries are invited from broadcasters, independent companies/organisations and individuals who fulfil the entry criteria and agree to the terms and conditions of entry and the terms of payment.
      3. By submitting the entry form the entrant grants to the Learning on Screen Awards (and by extension Learning on Screen) the right to make copies of a sequence of up to two minutes’ running time, or, in the case of multimedia, a sequence of demonstration from the entry and to include such copies in any broadcast, or any other distribution medium or publication in connection with the Awards including publicity and promotional purposes. These will not be used for commercial purposes.
      4. We reserve the right to disqualify any entries at any stage. We might do this, for example, if we find that:
      • You are ineligible
      • You misrepresented any part of your entry
      • Any part of your entry is fraudulent (for example, due to plagiarism or unauthorised use of intellectual property)
      • You bring the awards or Learning on Screen into disrepute.
      This list is not exhaustive.
      5. Entrants may submit any number of entries into any number of categories, providing that each individual entry into each individual category is accompanied by a separate completed entry form and entry fee.
      6. Broadcast series are not accepted as a single entry. Entrants wishing to enter a series in the Broadcast Award must either enter each episode separately or enter the episode that best represents the objectives and educational value of the series.
      7. Each entry must be supported by viewing material. Please note: all video files must have a minimum bit rate of 10mb per second. Should your entry be nominated by the judges, these video files will be used to showcase your work at the awards ceremony, so high visual quality is compulsory.
      8. Entries from international applicants are accepted. However, the entry form and entry must be in English or with English subtitles.
      9. Entrants shortlisted for the Awards must be prepared, if requested, to supply further copies of their entry in higher quality or resolution to support the Awards screening and ceremony.
      10. It is the responsibility of the entrant to provide complete, accurate information about the entry. Learning on Screen, and its successors and representatives, shall not be liable for errors or omissions in the entry forms nor in subsequent submissions.
      11. It is assumed that the director is the prime author of the production and will be the recipient of the award, unless otherwise agreed.
      12. The fee per entry is £137.50 (inc. VAT) for standard applications, £98.50 (inc. VAT) for Learning on Screen members and £38.50 (inc. VAT) for student-made entries. No entry will be considered until full payment of entry fee(s) has been received.
      13. If the entry form is inaccurate, if the entry does not comply with these conditions, or it is deemed ineligible for any other reason, then the entry may be disqualified.
      14. No refunds are available except when a submission does not fall within the entry criteria and is disqualified.
      15. Nominated entrants will be published online and in the Learning on Screen Awards Ceremony programme. All winners will be announced at the Learning on Screen Awards Ceremony, to be held in London in May 2023.
      16. The awards ceremony may be recorded and persons attending will be deemed to consent to their sounds and images being included in any such recording, and to any use thereof.
      17. We will use the details included in this form to process your entry into the Learning on Screen Awards. We will also contact you with announcements regarding the Awards, including details regarding nominations and the awards ceremony. We will not share your details with any 3rd party and you can opt-out of notifications at any time by unsubscribing. However, please be aware, if you unsubscribe from Learning on Screen emails you will no longer receive notices regarding your entry.