Shortlist 2019

Meet the Nominees 2019

Student Award: Documentary

Vaibhav Kaul is Producer, Director (along with John Seddon) of Mountain, Priest, Son.

"Mountain, Priest, Son tries to show how unprecedented environmental, economic and cultural changes are coming together to shape the lived realities of remote Himalayan communities in 21st-century India. Through the everyday experiences, beliefs and aspirations of a young disaster survivor and his parents, the documentary offers a portrait of a mountain society's constructions of its own vulnerability and resilience in the face of an uncertain future.

That generous nomination for a Learning on Screen Award means a great deal to us at the University of Sheffield. My co-director John Seddon and I sincerely hope that the film can encourage many more students and academics to go out to the field and learn about development from ordinary people living amidst extraordinary change and risk."

Federica Gargarella is Director and Producer of Love in 35mm.

Being nominated for a Learning on Screen Award is a great achievement for Love in 35mm, not only because it talks about an overlooked part of the history of British Cinema but also because I have learned a lot during the production of this documentary.

This documentary has opened up the world of projection to me and, moreover, has introduced me to the key involvement of women in the history of British cinema. Love in 35mm, in telling the story of Joan and Bill Pearson, shows that there is an overlooked part of cinema that goes beyond the glamour of Hollywood stars and production sets but that should be equally praised and appreciated. It also, hopefully, provides a point of reflection with regards to the impact of the digital revolution that we are now experiencing.

Student Award: Undergraduate

Camila Kjaernet and Prawta Annez are Producer and Director of Towels.

Camilla: "It's amazing to see that all the time and hard work our team has put into the project is being recognised. It's an honour and a privilege to be nominated for this award"

Prawta: "We are both really grateful for the recognition of our film. We want to thank our entire team for their hard work and the support from our lectures"

Andy Joule, Head of Animation & Visual Effects at Falmouth University: "The nomination in the Learning on Screen awards is a great accolade for this film and an acknowledgement of its quality. We are hugely proud of all that Prawta, Camilla and the crew achieved with Towels."

Georgina Rowlands is Producer of Just Josie and The Cost of Happiness (nominated for Student Documentary)

"I was thrilled to hear that both my graduation film, Just Josie, and my documentary, The Cost of Happiness are nominated for the Learning on Screen Awards 2019. I am looking forward to seeing the other films and meeting the other filmmakers on the 25th April, whilst representing both films."

Reuben Samra is Producer of Wolf Among Sheep

"It's an honour to be nominated for a Learning on Screen award. This film was an incredibly ambitious project that the whole cast and crew put a huge amount of time and work in."

Aeddan Sussex is the Writer/Director of Chopsticks!!

"Being nominated is a fantastic honour, as one of the main reasons for the film being made was to encourage more student level filmmakers to go out there and create the films that they love, and that working around your limitations can create something truly unique."

David Heinemann, Supervising Lecturer at Middlesex University: "We are delighted that Chopsticks!! has been nominated for a LoS award. This was a very ambitious project for a student film on a limited budget, requiring not only numerous actors and locations, but a great deal of art direction and an intensive rehearsal period in order to choreograph the fight scenes. One of the great strengths of the film is just how light-hearted and seemingly effortless the result is.."

Martim Gomes is the Writer/Director of Dessert

"It's an enormous pleasure being nominated for the Learning on Screen Awards. I moved to the UK 3 years ago to follow my dream of studying and making films, and to have a film that is so personal to me being recognised by an organisation that cherishes the upcoming filmmakers in the UK feels like the cherry on top of an amazing educational experience."

Student Award: Postgraduate

Anne Robinson, Supervising Lecturer at Middlesex University on Mariana Roques' film, 25th:

"25th is a very moving and innovative short drama concerning a hidden period in recent European history. Working with Mariana was inspiring as she worked through production decisions, visual research and editing this exceptional work. I was especially impressed with her abilities as a new director to work with her team."

Anne Robinson, Supervising Lecturer at Middlesex University on Mariana Roques' film, Perfectly:

"Perfectly was made as an experiment in using film language to convey an inner state - in this case the experience of a young woman with OCD. The colour palette, pacing, editing and soundscape are all used with meticulous care and make for an affecting experience."

Lidija Burcak, Director of Broken Skin:

"I like to approach topics that are personal and potentially painful. As a psoriasis sufferer myself I found myself in an intriguing exchange between people that face a similar situation: what if your skin turns against you? Through an anthropological lens l explored other peoples’ experiences. This process created a beautiful sense of community. It makes me very proud that BROKEN SKIN is nominated. I believe that visual anthropology provides unique and creative methods to explore such an irritating disease like psoriasis. "

Student College Award (sponsored by ERA)

Charlie Dixon-Phillip is Director of Ambush (Truro College)

"I'm ecstatic to hear Ambush has been nominated for the Learning On Screen Awards. Also delighted to be recognised for my work and know that others are also enjoying it. Its helping to validate the many hours I spent doodling and playing with Lego in order to create the film."

Promotional Film

Hayley Evans, Amy Rewilak, Jon Shears are Producers and Concept Creators of So That They May Have Life (University of Leicester)

"This film was a real team effort and a very personal project for our staff to celebrate our founding as a university. We’re absolutely delighted to have the hard work recognised with a Learning on Screen nomination."

Eleanor Burfitt is Director of Melia's Story (Plymouth University), with campaign leading from Garren Baker and graphics by Adam Read

"Melia's Story was created as part of the 'Inspiring Students' campaign which showcase stories from students across different subjects and research areas throughout the university. The aim for this particular film was to showcase the city and all it has to offer in terms of art. Eleanor was responsible for the concept and delivery working closely with Melia (the student) to make her story shine through. It was filmed both on the university campus and across Plymouth.

We are very excited that Melia’s Story has been nominated for a Learning on screen award. It was a fantastic project to work on and to see that recognised with this nomination is a wonderful feeling."

Matt Exton is Director of Safe Sheffield Drugs Campaign: Risks (University of Sheffield).

"We are extremely proud and excited to be nominated for this award. It is humbling for our small team to be considered amongst the ranks of such talent from across the Higher Education sector."

Kevin Dick is the Technical lead of Newcastle University Guide to Exams (Newcastle University).

Kevin oversaw coordination and delivery of this project and was also the creative director and editor. Kevin has worked for the Digital Media Services team at Newcastle University for over 20 years. He is exceptionally creative both inside and outside of work, is also a semi-professional artist, and enjoys fishing in his spare time.

"We are extremely proud to see this video being shortlisted for a Learning on Screen award and really appreciate the recognition from our peers."

Educational Film (from Universities and Colleges)

John Oates is Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology at The Open University and Director Steppe to City

"Steppe to City was filmed over a ten-day period in Kyrgyzstan by just John and his trusted camera, with the help of many welcoming people in the country. I am so very pleased to be nominated for this award. Making this film was a wonderful adventure. I learned so much about the amazing mix of nomadic and modern culture in Kyrgyzstan. I hope that I have been able to convey a sense of this and children’s part in it, and that my film will encourage curiosity in the viewer to find out more.

Yannakis Jones is the Director and Producer of Creative Advertising Lab: Propositions (UAL)

"Learning on Screen's celebration of online educational video is a great way to shine a light on this important and constantly evolving medium - fantastic my MA explorations have been recognised playing a small part in the OEV movement"

Roy Maconachie is a Reader in International Development at the University of Bath. He was the Producer and co-director for Voices from the mine: Artisanal diamonds and resource governance in Sierra Leone (University of Bath)

"We are thrilled to be nominated for this award. Film is such a powerful medium for telling stories and relaying voice. We are grateful to the men and women of Kono District in Sierra Leone who took part in the film and shared their stories so passionately with us."

Educational Film (from other Organisations and Individual)

Ceiren Bell is Animator of The Demon's Head

Ceiren is an award-winning animator, programme convener and lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London.

"I'm as passionate about learning and teaching as I am about animation, so this really is a huge honour. As always, it was a joy to bring Bob Ayres' brilliant script to life and work with such an amazing team at True Tube. I'm really proud of what we've achieved together.”

Adam Tyler is Director/Producer of Reply With A Full Stop If You Get This and What Do You Mean I Can’t Change The World?

Adam Tyler is a five-time BAFTA-winning director, writer and producer.

“We are all over the moon to see Emily's story recognised here. Mental health is still a topic so many are afraid to engage with and learn about, and Emily's emotional intelligence and zest for life have created a film which we believe provides an accessible, constructive and hopeful stepping stone to a greater understanding of some of the conditions with which so many are living today.

Furthermore, we are extraordinarily proud to have helped to tell Jemmar's story too, and she deserves most of the credit here: for her courage, her wisdom and her dynamism. We're very grateful to the Learning on Screen Awards for recognising both films and hope this recognition will help them on their journey into classrooms everywhere.”

Sian Hamlett is Managing Director of Hamlett Films who produced Advertising, Brandalism & Subvertising

"I am absolutely delighted and honoured that the film has received this recognition from the learning on screen awards.

The film involved the team gaining access to hard to reach groups and we felt it was imperative for the learners to see subvertising carried out in action - film has that power to show, rather than just tell and this is the best way for people to learn.

Broadcast Award

Sally Lindsay is presenter of Emmeline Pankhurst: The Making of a Militant

"We are all thrilled to be nominated in the Learning Awards for Emmeline Pankhurst;The Making of A Militant. We are really proud of the programme and the accompanying short films for BBC Teach, the classroom resources we created and the fact that the DVD of the programme is now in so many Greater Manchester Schools, thanks to the Mayor’s Office. The Learning Awards are so prestigious, and we look forward to attending the ceremony, in suffragette colours of course!"