Learning on Screen Awards

Winners 2010

General Education Broadcast Award

WINNER: The Love of Money

    Produced by: BBC Factual and The Open University

      Director: Guy Smith

      General Education Non Broadcast Award

      WINNER: Moving Memories: Tales from Moss Side

        Produced by: Troubadour Cultural Heritage Foundation Ltd

          Director: Karen Gabay

          Special Jury Award

          WINNER: Saving Britain’s Past (series)

            Produced by: The Open University/BBC

              Director: Rosie Schellenberg, Helen Nixon, Andrea Illescas and David Vincent

              General Education Multimedia Award

              WINNER: Smokescreen

                Produced by: Six to Start

                Courseware and Curriculum-Related Content

                WINNER: Opium: Culture, Wars, Markets

                  Produced by: Nomad Films

                    Director: Easher Raphael

                    Courseware and Curriculum-Related Content

                    WINNER: Organic Gardening for Primary School

                      Produced by: Agtel

                        Executive Producer: Michael Parker

                        Student Production Undergraduate

                        WINNER: Prehistoric Wiltshire

                          Produced by: Interactive Media Centre/Wiltshire College

                            Director: Phillip Lindsey-Cook

                            Student Production Post Graduate

                            WINNER: The Incredible Story of my Great Grandmother Olive

                              Produced by: National Film and Television School

                                Director: Alberto Rodrigues