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Entrepreneurs and Innovators: From the Middle Ages to the Modern Day
Dr Catherine Casson, The University of Manchester



Exhibiting the entrepreneurial characteristics of risk, innovation and judgement can enhance a student's employment opportunities. This playlist reveals the secrets of successful entrepreneurship, using examples from the middle ages to the modern day.

Spotting opportunities, creating a marketing campaign and establishing customer loyalty are just some of the strategies highlighted. Three sectors are examined thematically: fashion and beauty, food and drink and IT. Further case studies provide examples of pioneers in certain fields, such as Wedgwood in marketing and product diversification.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship figures strongly. Emphasis is placed on entrepreneurs who launched innovations to improve the lives of their customers, made changes to enhance the working conditions of their employees and who used their profits to address wider economic and social inequalities.


Dr Catherine Casson, The University of Manchester


  • Business Studies


entrepreneurship, business, innovation, management, social responsibility, employability

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