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Gender, Media and Society: Contemporary Issues and Debates
Professor Karen Ross, Newcastle University


This playlist has been curated to provide a range of perspectives on the ways in which sex and gender are discussed and described in mainstream media broadcasts, both TV and radio. It comprises a selection of programmes across different genres, from documentaries and panel discussions to dramas, podcasts, comedies and personal testimonies, all of which have been broadcast over the past few years. The topic selection of materials tracks a module I teach at the School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University, – Feminist Approaches to Media Analysis - which moves from theorising feminism as a political project and what it means in the 2020s, to considerations of key themes in feminist media analysis including body image and discipline, identity and sexuality, the racialised body, representations in news, the gendered media industry, ageism and gender, shifting masculinities and gender in the digital age. Many of these are overlapping issues, demonstrating the intersectional nature of gender as concept and construct and the body as sexed site of inequality.


Professor Karen Ross, Newcastle University


  • Television studies
  • Gender and Women’s studies
  • Sociology


feminism, online harms, gender and media, sexualities, gender identities, race and racialisation, media analysis, masculinities, digital technologies, news, gendered ageism, media industries

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