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Storytelling in Film & Television
Diane A. Rodgers, Sheffield Hallam University



This playlist consists of films and tv programmes chosen to teach textual analysis to film and media students. The key text selections demonstrate interesting use of the formal elements of films & television such as cinematography, sound, music, editing, narrative and so on. Some examples are chosen to broaden discussion beyond these elements to how and why meaning is created onscreen, for example, in the context of genre, national identity, transmedia, technology and franchise, storytelling for children and cult and alternative media. This list is extensive to incorporate examples from a number of different time periods and to cater to the student's own varied tastes. A number of supporting texts are also included on this playlist (specifically documentaries) as useful background material to help develop student's understanding of how different elements (such as music, editing or genre) function within the historical context and development of storytelling.


Diane A. Rodgers, Sheffield Hallam University


  • Film studies
  • Television studies
  • Media studies


Storytelling, Textual analysis, Folklore, Genre, Cinematography, Music, Sound, Editing, Narrative, Cult

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