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Copyright and Creative Reuse in Education - online course

This online course will explore the main copyright issues related to lawfully accessing, using and producing audiovisual works in educational settings.

About the session

This course will explore the main copyright issues related to lawfully accessing, using and producing audiovisual works in educational settings. Primarily aimed at teachers, students, academics, researchers, librarians, and other people dealing with audiovisual works in education, this course will help attendees understand the conditions under which audiovisual works can be used lawfully for educational purposes; and how mash ups and other derivative works can be created and exploited within and beyond educational settings.

What areas will the course cover?

  • Intellectual property
  • Copyright and creativity
  • Types of copyright works
  • Protection criteria
  • Economic and moral rights
  • Authorship and ownership of rights
  • Licensing and exploiting
  • Sources of free-to-use material
  • Idea-Expression dichotomy
  • Copyright duration
  • Copyright exceptions
  • Copyright and creative reuse in education
  • Fairness in UK law
  • Participants will gain a good understanding of the basic principles underlying UK copyright law, including protection criteria, protected subject matter, economic and moral rights, authorship and ownership, and lawful reuse, among others. Participants will also learn about the copyright exceptions that specifically apply in educational settings, as well as those which allow everyone to creatively reuse existing materials. Participants will be provided with a suite of open access educational resources that they will be able to use in their own copyright training. In general, by the end of the course participants will be able to make more informed decisions around the copyright issues they face.

    There is some overlap with our Copyright for Creatives course. If you have already attended Copyright for Creatives and would like to attend this course too, we recommend that you join this session at 11.15am.


    This online course consists of two sessions:

  • Introduction to UK copyright law (1h15m)
  • Copyright and reuse of audiovisual materials in educational settings (1h15m)
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    • Non-members: £70


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    About the presenter

    Bartolomeo Meletti is the Copyright Services Delivery Manager at Learning on Screen. He also works as Creative Director of for CREATe, the RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy (University of Glasgow). He is also the Director of Worth Knowing Productions, a digital creative team specialised in making complex knowledge accessible through research-based visual tools.

    Previously, Bartolomeo worked at the British Film Institute and the Digital Catapult on secondment from CREATe, and held research and media production positions at CIPPM, the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management (Bournemouth University), where he is currently a Visiting Fellow; and at CEMP, the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (Bournemouth University).

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