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Copyright for Creatives

About the session

How can you best protect and exploit the intellectual property you create? How can you lawfully reuse existing materials in the creation of new work? All creatives are faced with these questions, which are shaped by copyright law. However, the complexity of the legislation often prevents creators from fully exploiting the opportunities offered by the law.

This online session aims to make UK copyright law accessible and digestible for anyone working in the creative industries – whether in advertising, marketing, graphic design, film, music, or TV – with a view to helping them make informed decision on how to protect the work they create, how to license and exploit it, and how to lawfully reuse other people’s work.

This session would benefit creators, photographers, video game producers, social media managers, marketing and PR executives, or anyone who uses images to promote themselves, their business, or their charity.

Duration: 2 x 45 mins sessions with a 15 min break


If you're interested in booking this online course for your institution, department or a group of colleagues, please contact for more details.

About the presenter

Bartolomeo Meletti is the Education and Research Executive at Learning on Screen. He also works as Creative Director of for CREATe, the UK Copyright and Creative Economy Centre (University of Glasgow). He is also the Director of Worth Knowing Productions, a digital creative team specialised in making complex knowledge accessible through research-based visual tools.

Previously, Bartolomeo worked at the British Film Institute and the Digital Catapult on secondment from CREATe, and held research and media production positions at CIPPM, the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management (Bournemouth University), where he is currently a Visiting Fellow; and at CEMP, the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (Bournemouth University).

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