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Essential Video Production Skills

This two-day introductory course, delivered by our specialist staff, will enable attendees to develop video production skills geared towards non-narrative filmmaking, such as interviews, documentary and research films.

By the end of the course, attendees will have developed an understanding of the equipment and techniques required in video production and will have utilised this knowledge to have produced, edited and uploaded a film.

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  • £285 + VAT

(The course fee includes lunches, refreshments and specialist equipment for filming and editing for two full days.)


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  • Day One - Introduction to Pre-Production and Principle Photography (production)

    Day one will focus on providing attendees with an overview of the elements necessary to plan a low-budget production before filming commencement.

    Topics will include:


    • The aim of your film
    • Equipment choice (cameras, sound, lighting)
    • Crews
    • Reconnaissance
    • Legalities (disclaimers, licences, permits)


    • The importance of sound
    • Recording methods


    • Basic framing techniques
    • Shot types
    • Using composition to enhance and influence psychology
    • Resolutions and Aspect Ratios

    Interview Technique

    • Compiling questions
    • Conducting an interview

    Hands on Practical

    • Shooting B-Roll
    • Three point lighting set-up
    • Shooting an interview
    • Recording Sound

    Day Two - Introduction to Post-Production

    The second day of the course puts the focus on editing, giving attendees the opportunity to shape and define the assets shot on Day One, culminating in each individual exporting their work.

    Editing - Part 1 (preparation)

    • What is editing?
    • Types of cuts
    • An introduction to Non-Linear Editing Software
    • Importing assets and organising workflows
    • Syncing audio to video

    Editing - Part 2 (the cut)

    • How to cut and reshape an interview
    • Using B-Roll to add visual context
    • Creating graphics (lower thirds, captions, credits, etc)

    Editing - Part 3 (audio)

    • Sourcing music
    • Levelling audio

    Editing - Part 4 (delivery)

    • Codecs and Bitrates
    • Exporting projects for online delivery (YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc)

“The course was fantastic on all levels. Well organised, lively but at a good pace. It was extremely useful in breaking down some of my fears about how complex filmmaking is. Frazer delivered an informative and stimulating course… I will thoroughly recommend to all my colleagues.” – Attendee, March 2018.

“It was inspirational. If the ultimate aim of education is to light a fire rather than fill a bucket, this course managed both. Loads of factual information, skill development and inspiration.” – Attendee, February 2018.

About the Presenter

Frazer Ash studied film at Middlesex University before joining Learning on Screen in 2007. In addition to serving as the charity’s videographer, animator and Digital Transfer Manager, he is the writer and director of numerous short films and screenplays.