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The genres below indicate the type or nature of programme. Many clips will have more than one, in particular news reports often include speeches, press conferences or interviews and longer programmes have commercial and news breaks. Clips of one-off events, actuality or not fitting into any other genre are denoted as “Special”. “Technical” is used where the production team can be heard. “News” alone is vague and unhelpful as a genre – it applies to just about everything in the collection so is not being used.

Advertisement, Includes film trailers

Biography, Autobiographical writings, diary extracts

Book review


Consumer advice

Debate, E.g. Oxford Union debate – not Parliamentary, see below

Discussion, Used where a group of people are talking together on a particular theme – not for one-to-one question-and-answer format, which comes under Interview

Documentary, See also Feature

Drama, Radio plays or clips from films eg at awards ceremony

Election broadcast, I.e. party political broadcast

Election coverage, E.g. live coverage of elections

Feature, Can be used in conjunction with Documentary, but where form of programme content is more mixed, e.g. interview, commentary, and sound “pictures” created through music, song and/or dramatic performance


Film review




News bulletin, I.e. presented as “Here is the news” – whole or part of programme - 'news as it breaks, etc.

News report, One person speaking on a “news” item, reporting from the scene, etc., within a broader context, often also include interviews or speeches

Non-fiction, E.g. where someone is reading from a travel guide

Obituary, For factual information on the deceased's life/career; see also Tribute

Parliamentary debate



Press conference, May make statement or answer questions

Public information

Serial, Fiction or drama, broadcast in instalments

Special, One-offs, e.g. visit by the Pope, Christmas specials, space launch countdowns, explosions and other disasters caught on tape, actuality, any clips not fitting into other genres


Someone delivering a speech or statement, i.e. addressing an audience

Talk show

Technical, For where the production team can be heard counting down, commenting on aspects of the broadcast, etc.

Trailer, For LBC's own programmes – film trailers, etc. in a commercial break can be included as Advertisement

Tribute, Can be used of persons living or dead

Vox pop, Views canvassed, questions may be asked but not formal interview, usually full name not given

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