Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file containing text that is placed on your device when you visit a website. Cookies are a general practice used on most websites to make them work, remember your preferences or to improve your online experience.

Types of cookies we use

Our websites and use cookies for functionality and to better understand your interaction with our resources and services.

Necessary Cookies

In particular our websites use cookies to confirm that you are logged in (to parts of the site that requires authentication) in order to connect you to your account and preferences.

Importantly, our cookies are not used to identify you personally. We use cookies to enable you to move around our websites and use their features. For example:

  • Session cookies, which allow us connect you to your account and remember your activity.
  • When you first come to our websites, we use a cookie to remember that you have seen the notification about our privacy and cookie policy.
  • When you sign into our websites we use a cookie to remember your institution IdP during the length of your session.

These cookies expire when you log out or close your browser.

Name Used by More Information
seen_cookie_message Learning on Screen Privacy and cookie policy notification
PHPSESSID-BOB-LIVE Learning on Screen Session cookie
mod_auth_openidc_session Login - Learning on Screen Session cookie
oaspRU Login - Learning on Screen Stores your Institution's IdP

Metrics and Analytics

We may also use cookies to help us understand how users interact with our websites. We use the information from cookies to generate reports on the usage of our website which are used for evaluation and analysis. The purpose is to improve our website by tailoring it to the needs of users. No data specific to any identifiable user is retained. For example:

  • Google Analytics places a cookie on your device to obtain metrics on how users engage with our websites. This help us to improve our resources and our websites content.
Name Used by More Information
_gid Google Analytics Google’s privacy policy
_ga Google Analytics Google’s privacy policy
_gat Google Analytics Google’s privacy policy

How to manage cookies

You can control individual cookie preferences, indicate your cookie preferences and opt-out of web metrics and analytics cookies.

Below there are links to information about how to block cookies in popular web browsers:

You may also visit our websites in your browser’s "private" or "incognito" mode, in which case cookies will be set, but deleted when you close your browser.


Any queries or concerns about the use of cookies on this website should be sent by email to: