Teaching and Research

How can we help with your research?

At Learning on Screen, we are equipped to assist and enhance your media and audiovisual research at any stage of the research lifecycle.

Over the years we have been involved in a diverse array of projects and have extensive experience in:

    • Co-developing research questions
    • Curating bespoke selections of broadcasts
    • Digitising audiovisual material
    • Making research outputs accessible publicly as online resources
    • Disseminating research projects via our Viewfinder magazine
    • Building media databases

Our expertise in database construction includes document digitisation and developing document viewer tools. Among other resources, we have built and offer the Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching (TRILT), the most comprehensive UK television and radio broadcast database available on the web.

BoB as Research Resource

We are particularly interested in working with researchers keen to exploit the vast digital archive that makes up BoB. While we welcome all research enquiries, we have identified two priority areas for collaboration:

    Artificial Intelligence - Comprising over 2.4 million television and radio broadcasts BoB is one of the world’s largest digital media archives. This offers a unique resource to researchers seeking large media datasets for projects involving machine learning and computer vision. More information can be found here.
    COVID-19 Broadcast Media - From the outset of the global coronavirus pandemic, Learning on Screen has been systematically recording relevant news and current affairs programming. Understanding the unfolding media narrative will be central to making sense of the crisis as a social and political event. Researchers who are investigating this area and would like to collaborate with us as an industry partner can find more information on our work here.