What We Do

Discover how we operate and support our member institutions through our range of services and offerings.

Fun Facts in Numbers

Our commitment to promoting accessibility ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can benefit from our content. Additionally, by embracing multimedia, we encourage creativity, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of various topics. Moreover, our approach helps bridge cultural and language barriers, fostering a global exchange of knowledge and ideas.

As a charity and membership organisation, we collaborate with around 200 higher, further, and school education member institutions. Here are the key aspects that define our work:

Services and Platforms

We provide access to an extensive archive of television and radio programmes from the past to the present that can be easily integrated into learning, teaching and research. Including documentaries, news broadcasts, TV series, educational programmes, and more.

Resource Curation and Dissemination

Our focus is on curating and disseminating educational resources, including videos, animations, and other visual media that align with and enhance learning outcomes. By offering high-quality resources, we help deliver engaging and effective education.

Advocacy and Support

We provide guidance and support to member institutions in integrating visual media and technology into their teaching, research and learning practices. This support includes training, workshops, and access to resources.

Professional Development

We offer educators, students, and other staff from member institutions various professional development opportunities. Workshops, conferences, webinars, and training sessions are tailored to incorporate methodologies, technologies, and best practices into teaching strategies.

Research and Innovation

We encourage research and innovation by conducting studies, collaborating with researchers, and supporting projects that explore the impact, effectiveness, and future trends of visual media and technology in education.

Collaboration and Networking

We bring together a diverse range of educational institutions to foster collaboration and networking. By sharing best practices, innovative ideas, and resources, we enhance the learning experience for students.

Advocating for Accessibility and Inclusion

We are committed to ensuring that visual media resources and technologies are accessible to all learners, including those with disabilities. We actively promote and implement inclusive design principles and practices.

Join us on our journey as we strive to revolutionise education through the power of multimedia, enriching the learning experience for everyone and embracing a future of accessible and inclusive education.