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Unlock a Dynamic Audio-Visual Experience for Educators, Researchers, and Learners.

We understand that multimedia is essential in modern education. That is why our memberships are crafted to create dynamic learning, teaching, and research environments.

By becoming a member, you unlock a vast library of rich media content, exclusive resources, discounted events, and networking opportunities.

Are you ready to take your teaching, learning or research to the next level? At Learning on Screen, we offer four membership types and varying subscriptions to Box of Broadcasts tailored to suit your needs.

Membership Offers:

Our memberships are tailored for educators, researchers, professionals, and lifelong learners dedicated to moving image and sound.

Institutional Membership

Tailored for schools, further, and higher education institutions equipped with an ERA licence. This membership caters to the unique needs of post-16 students, providing comprehensive access to all students, academics, and staff members within the institution.

Associate Membership

Designed specifically for non-profit entities such as cultural organisations, libraries, museums, and similar institutions both in the UK and overseas. Even if you’re not directly involved in traditional educational institutions, if you’re dedicated to educational initiatives and seeking valuable resources and support, this membership is tailored for you.

Corporate Membership

Meticulously crafted for businesses, corporations, and commercial entities alike. Ideal for production companies, licensing bodies, and other commercial entities, providing invaluable access to resources essential for research, commissioning projects, and industry-specific databases.

Individual Membership

Tailored for researchers, professionals, enthusiasts, and lifelong learners passionate about expanding their knowledge and skills in the realm of audio-visual content. Designed to empower individuals on their personal learning journey.


Upgrade your Membership with a Box of Broadcasts Subscription!

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is our ground-breaking platform, offering unparalleled access to over 2 million broadcasts - and it's growing every day!

Our Subscription Tiers

Your entry to an extensive collection of TV and radio programmes, documentaries, news broadcasts, and much more – all conveniently at your fingertips.

• Tier One: Below 1,000 students - £950 minimum annual cost.

• Tier Two: 1,001 to 12,500 students - £3,375

• Tier Three: 12,501 to 25,000 students - £8,438

• Tier Four: 25,501 to 37,500 students - £12,500

• Tier Five: 37,501 to 50,000 students - £15,313

All prices are plus VAT.

Learn More About BoB

Please note that for new subscribers, a £2,500 + VAT setup fee applies. BoB is only available to educational organisations with Institutional membership (those with an ERA licence).

Curious to know what's included?

Explore our membership options packed with engaging resources, interactive tools and enriching opportunities.

Membership Cost £1000 + VAT £665 + VAT £835 + VAT £175 + VAT
Access Granted ALL students, academics, and staff members TEN staff members TEN staff members One named individual
Discounted Rates on Professional Development Opportunities 15% discount per booking 15% discount per booking 15% discount per booking 15% discount per booking
Exclusive Member-Only Resources, Events, and Webinars
Networking and Collaboration
Support and Guidance
Copyright Support and Guidance
Regular Updates
Annual Awards 15% discount per booking and 15% discount per ticket 15% discount per booking and 15% discount per ticket 15% discount per booking and 15% discount per ticket 15% discount per booking and 15% discount per ticket
Off-Air Recording Requests
Advocacy Representation

Got questions? We've got answers!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions:

Understanding Our Prices

  • We have listened to feedback from our members and the sector as a whole and have taken the decision to move to a new pricing model for membership and subscriptions to make things simpler and fairer.

  • We have simplified our membership and now offer a single rate for all educational institutions to take out Learning on Screen membership. We are also excited to announce a host of improvements to our membership package coming this year. We will be working with members to design and launch a suite of new training to meet your professional development needs and are committed to providing you with greater opportunities for networking and improved products and support to increase access and useage.

    We have also made our subscription fees fairer. BoB subscriptions are now based on the total number of students you have and Institutions will be allocated to tiers based on how many students they have, which better reflects the likely demands and usage of the service. We are also investing in innovation and improvements to Bob. We know that a big challenge for institutions is supporting staff and students with information overwhelm so they can find the resources they need when they need them from the plethora of content available. We are responding to this need by investing in improved search functionality so users can find what they need more easily. We will also be offering more curated playlists and collections to showcase popular and expert-selected content across more subjects to help your institution filter out and access best-in-class resources.

    We are looking forward to helping you make the most of what Learning on Screen has to offer. More details on what’s coming and when will be announced soon.

  • As we are a charity and representative membership council, our membership and subscription rates are reviewed and set annually by our Executive Council. The Executive Council is made up of trustees voted in by our members.

  • We have used official data sources such as HESA figures and Ofsted/DfE data to map institutions to tiers.

  • We don't distinguish between full and part-time students in our fee structure because we want all students to access our resources as much or as little as they find useful regardless of their study status. We also know that BoB useage is taken up very enthusiastically by many part-time students who find the resources invaluable for getting the most out of their more limited study time, which is something we always want to encourage. Therefore, our fee structure counts every student as equal.

  • We have used official data sources to map institutions to the correct tier so we are very confident in our assessment. Please email to discuss further if necessary.

  • We do not offer discounts on our membership and subscriptions packages, however our members get discounts on our events and training.

Accessing our unique Box of Broadcasts

  • Box of Broadcasts BoB is our academically focused streaming service providing students and staff with unlimited access to over 4 million broadcasts from more than 65 channels. BoB is an invaluable resource allowing users to search and analyse programme transcripts, curated playlists, and access a one click citation for easy academic referencing.

    It is only available to Learning on Screen members covered by an ERA licence. BoB is an add on subscription to membership and the two elements are charged separately.

  • Great choice! You can upgrade at anytime to get a Bob subscription to gain access to this pioneering service. If you have not yet had a BoB trial, please get in touch with us to arrange a free trial so you can explore the system and make sure it meets your needs. If you have had a trial already and you now want to subscribe, please email us at and we can arrange a quotation for you.

Making the most of your membership

  • All members nominate a Lead Member Representative to be the point of contact between us and you. We can then work with them to provide the support you need to raise awareness of, engagement with and usage of the products and services available as part of your membership. Lead Member Representatives also have access to usage statistics and deal with off air requests, issues relating to accounts, membership etc. If you don’t know who your Lead Member Representative is, please email and we can confirm and put you in touch.

  • We know how important it is for educational institutions to demonstrate value for money when investing in resources for staff and students. Our research shows that 72% of libraries are increasing their reliance on content usage analytics to make them make spending decisions. This is why we ensure your Lead Member Representative has access to anonymised usage statistics. If you would like anyone else to have access please let us know. We are also investing in improved content analytics to track useage of our products and to feed data-driven insights into improving the overall user experience.

  • Institutions can provide as many contact points as they wish to so we can send member communications to multiple departments as needed. However, to add additional Member Representatives to your account we do require authorisation from your nominated Lead Member Representative.

  • As we are a membership council, all of our ordinary members (i.e. Universities and Colleges) can cast one vote in our general meetings to elect trustees and help shape and guide our mission. The First Member Representative (First Rep) can cast the vote on behalf of the institution or nominate a proxy to do so. While institutions can have as many reps as they need, only one vote can be cast per institution.

Understanding our renewals and invoicing process

  • Your institution’s First Member representative and/or the representative nominated to receive renewal and invoicing messages will be sent an email in late February or early March with the membership rates for the next membership year. A reminder message will be sent in June. The invoices are usually sent in early July and no later than 1st August.

  • We offer annual membership and subscriptions which run from 1st August to 31st July each year. If you join us mid-year your membership (and subscription if applicable) will be pro-rated for the remainder of the membership year.

  • Once the PO number is available, please email with the details and we can re-issue the invoice with the PO number included.

  • This is no problem at all, please email with the details and we can ensure the invoices are directed to the right people.

  • Please send an email to to send us new contact details and to request removal of out-of-date contact information.

  • Certainly, please email your question to


If you don't see your question listed here, feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance at

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