Editor's Note, 113.

Migration and Borders

Welcome to ViewFinder Issue 113: Migration and Borders

Last issue we explored notions and representations of masculinity in cinema and media, which was received very well and provoked some interesting discourse.

The theme for this issue is Migration and Borders. It seems an obvious choice given the current state of play in the United Kingdom (and elsewhere). Borders are political and politicised. Migration has happened since the dawn of homo sapiens yet remains the cause of some of the most painful human experiences in our world. With climate change emerging around the corner, migration will no doubt be on the increase, with borders becoming more contested as years pass on. Looking back at media and films made exploring this theme has been instructive and enlightening.

Highlights from Issue 113 include Anandi Ramamurthy’s deep dive into the cinema of Palestine, and in particular a newly emerged genre, the 'roadblock movie', Sarah Rutterford’s look back at Britain on Film on Tour which created short films about migrants in Britain after the Second World War, Bristol Refugee Rights animated films, and Hanja Daemon's article on the forgotten inter-war German film star Fransiska Gaal. All this and more articles and reviews to explore.

Outside of the Migration theme we have a fascinating retrospective of pioneer Jill Cragie's career from Yvonne Tasker, plus a review of Laura Mulvey's new book, Afterimages: On Cinema, Women and Changing Times by Lucy Bolton.

I hope you enjoy issue 113 as much as I did putting it together!

Kit Caless, Learning on Screen

If you’d like to submit something to a future issue, or know of someone who would, please contact me on kit@learningonscreen.ac.uk. The next three issues are themed as follows:

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