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Black British Culture
Iris Wakulenko, London College of Communication


This playlist is a starting point for students and teachers of documentary film and media studies to explore Black British history and culture. It is an ideal place to consider questions like ownership of narratives, how mainstream programming influences representation and perception of non-white communities, and to contemplate shifts in societal points of view of non-majority communities. The playlist contributes to the celebration of Black History Month in the UK and recognises the racism inherent in language and the categorisation of peoples.

Please refer to this paper for a current discussion on these issues:

Beyond BAME: Rethinking the politics, construction, application, and efficacy of ethnic categorization, by Chrissie DaCosta, Steven Dixon-Smith and Gurnam Singh, April 2021, in conjunction with the Higher Education Research Action Group (HERAG).


Iris Wakulenko, London College of Communication


  • Film studies
  • Media studies


Black British, Documentary film, Current affairs, History, Race, Art, Music, Culture, Politics, Identity

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