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Co-ordinating Complex Care: Nursing (Mental Health)
Ass. Professor Victoria Skerrett, University of Birmingham

David Harewood Psychosis and Me (BBC2, 2021)


Providing high-quality compassionate care for patients with mental health conditions is a challenging job, and first-class teaching is crucial to ensuring students – the healthcare workforce of the future – get the technical and personal skills required for delivering it. This playlist, designed to support the teaching of the Mental Health Nursing course at University of Birmingham, showcases a selection of programmes that focus on key topics such as psychosis, perinatal mental health, eating disorders and the impact of domestic abuse.


By Ass. Professor Victoria Skerrett, University of Birmingham


  • Nursing


Keywords: psychosis, schizophrenia, acute mental health care, mother and baby unit, perinatal mental health, eating disorders, anorexia, domestic abuse, domestic violence

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