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Learn about the impactful projects that have thrived through partnership with us. We're proud to highlight collaborations that have enhanced learning, education and research. Below are some of the inspiring stories of teamwork within our research projects.

Global Curated Playlists for Box of Broadcasts Pilot

A Learning On Screen Project in Partnership with Educational Recording Agency (ERA).

A pilot project empowering educators and librarians to create Box of Broadcasts (BoB) playlists that can be accessed by offshore students, regardless of their location.

BoB For AI

A Learning on Screen Project

Exploring the potential in our archive of over 2.7 million television and radio broadcasts – the BoB archive – as a resource for data science research, particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Exciting New Partnership!

Film Clubs for Co-Curricular Pedagogical Interventions

A new project at Warwick University looks at the potential effectiveness of using films to support the teaching and learning of qualitative and quantitative research as a method of inquiry in education. Lead by Ninna Makrinov, Assistant Professor at WMG, the research focuses on students' perceptions and the data will be collected through surveys and focus groups. 

Ninna Makrinov says: "BoB has made this project possible, as its terms and conditions allow films to be screened in movie clubs for educational and non-commercial purposes”.

Kerry-Jane Packman, Learning on Screen CEO, says: "Our faith in the potential of moving image and sound to enhance teaching, learning and research is unwavering so we will be following this research closely, publishing regular updates on the project as it develops and helping to disseminate its findings once it has concluded."

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At Learning on Screen, we're committed to enhancing your research endeavours within academic institutions. Whether you're just starting with a research proposal or making progress, we offer specialised services tailored to complement your work. From curating resources and crafting impactful videos to developing user-friendly microsites and supplemental materials, we're here to ensure your research stands out.

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Our expertise in database construction includes document digitisation and developing document viewer tools. Among other resources, we have built and offer the Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching (TRILT), the most comprehensive UK television and radio broadcast database available on the web.

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We’ll work with you on research questions, curated playlists, accessible resources, and media databases. Your research is a shared mission, and together we'll enhance its influence.

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