A History of British Cooking Programmes

Kevin Geddes, Edinburgh Napier University



Early television cooking programmes from Britain were often considered to be too ‘ordinary’ to qualify for archive preservation. As a result, they can be hard to find, watch and research, particularly programmes broadcast prior to the 1990s. However, some examples from the 1950s onwards did survive, and thanks to the recent agreement between the BBC and Learning on Screen, shows such as Adventurous Cooking: Fish Dishes (1966) and Fanny Cradock Invites You to a Cheese and Wine Party (1970) have been rescued and added to BoB. This compilation presents some rare materials that shine a new light on the history of early television cookery programmes in the UK. Further excerpts and shows have already been identified in the BBC Archive and will be added to this playlist gradually.


Kevin Geddes, Edinburgh Napier University


  • Television Studies
  • Food Studies
  • Media History


television cooking, television history, celebrity, BBC archive

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