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Miscarriages of Justice
Professor Claire McGourlay, The University of Manchester

A Timewatch Guide- Crime and Punishment (BBC4, 2016)


This playlist is about Miscarriages of Justice and supports the teaching on my miscarriages of justice course at The University of Manchester.  The number of wrongful convictions is unknown but is likely to be tiny in comparison with the number of overall cases in the criminal justice system. The course this list supports focuses on the ways in which the system goes wrong. We are not suggesting that this happens in all cases, but the systemic flaws that we uncover through the course do create the possibility/probability of justice failing in any number of ways. Miscarriages of justice have been the drivers of many changes in the criminal justice system. High profile cases have led to the establishment of the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), the end of capital punishment, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, the creation of the Crown Prosecution Service and the Criminal Cases Review Commission. This course playlist gives an introduction to miscarriages of justice, a background: what is meant by the term; some of the causes; responses to the issue; and different mechanisms for dealing with them.


Professor Claire McGourlay, The University of Manchester


  • Law and Criminology


criminal justice system, law

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