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Remote Journalism
Catriona Forrest, University of Glasgow


During the COVID-19 pandemic journalists all over the world have been working from home, or working at a distance from their subjects and contributors. But this isn't new. Journalists telling stories about dangerous and inaccessible locations have long been using techniques which allow them to gather information and images from 'inside'.

Examples include journalism while movement is restricted during a range of health crises, and reporting from danger zones, war zones, or other hostile locations such as the scene of a natural disaster, or even the inside of prisons or corrupt organisations. It often means working alongside citizen journalism, and storytelling with user generated content.

How can you as journalists work safely and tell your stories from a distance, without compromising the facts?


Catriona Forrest, University of Glasgow


  • Broadcast Journalism


Remote journalism, news storytelling, interviewing techniques

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