Employing BoB and TRILT as Tools for Academic Research on Broadcast Media

By Holly Large, Emma Sewell & Chris Willmott (University of Leicester).


Introduction to Using BoB and TRILT for Academic Research

What are BoB and TRILT, and why are they great resources for studying broadcast media?

Conducting your Search

Advice on setting goals and parameters for your research project.

Data – Exporting, Collating and Cleaning Up

Step-by-step guidance on extracting your finding from BoB and TRILT before fuller analysis.

Refining the Sample – Description Analysis, Viewing and Programme Exclusion

Homing in on the most important programmes from your longlist of potential media to interrogate.


BoB and TRILT are terrific resources, however it is worth being aware of potential limitations before embarking on a project.

Case studies

Take inspiration from some of the ways academics are already using BoB and TRILT in their research.

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