Launch Event

The online guide ‘Employing BoB and TRILT as tools for academic research on broadcast media’ was officially launched at the event ‘Broadcasts for Research’, organised by Learning on Screen in London on 23 September 2022.

The event aimed to explore the potential of using broadcast media resources such as BoB and TRILT for research across different disciplines. It started with a presentation by two of the three co-authors of the guide: Dr Chris Willmott and Holly Large from the Molecular Cell Biology department at the University of Leicester. After an introduction to the various sections of the guide by Chris, Holly shared a real-life example by explaining how her PhD project employed BoB and TRILT to investigate representation of cancer genomics and personalised medicine in UK broadcast media.



Following the launch of the guide, Dr Walter van Heuven (School of Psychology, University of Nottingham) discussed how subtitles and transcripts of television broadcasts can be used to investigate the relationship between language exposure and language processing. Walter presented a project on psycholinguistics he is currently developing with his colleague Prof. Kathy Conklin (School of English, University of Nottingham).

Dr Walter Van Heuven, University of Nottingham.

Finally, Dr Giles Bergel from the Visual Geometry Group at the University of Oxford delivered the presentation ‘Visual AI for Audiovisual Research’, where he showcased various exciting projects that use audiovisual materials as resources for computer vision research.



We hope the event Broadcasts for Research was just the beginning of a conversation with our Members on how to make our resources as useful as possible for researchers. If you want to explore ideas on how to use broadcast media for research, or discuss anything research related please contact our Academic Research Manager Dr Gil Toffell:

We are particularly interested to hear and discuss ideas for collaborations that would help us achieve the vision we have had since our establishment in 1948: To make moving image and sound as important in education and research as the written word.



Authors's biographies, list of references and contact details.


BoB and TRILT as Tools for Academic Research

By Holly Large, Emma Sewell & Chris Willmott (University of Leicester).