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Anarchist Themes in Film and Television
Dr Chris Nunn, University of Greenwich



Anarchism is a much misunderstood and maligned socio-political concept, often associated with violence and terrorism. This playlist serves as an introduction for the anarcho-curious. From the historical drama unfolding in Ken Loach's 'Land and Freedom' or John Sayles 'Matewan', to the science fiction worlds of author Ursula Le Guin to the anti-authoritarian sixties masterpiece 'The Prisoner', across to very real sites of conflict and protest in the incredible 'Black Power Mixtape', or the provocative 'Accidental Anarchist', this compilation is a refreshing reminder of the importance of protest against absolute power.


Dr Chris Nunn, University of Greenwich


  • Film Studies
  • Television Studies


anarchism, protest, conflict, power

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