By Dr Joshua Gulam, Liverpool Hope University



This playlist presents a series of items relating to Hollywood actor and director Angelina Jolie. As one of the most successful and talked about actors of the 2000s, Jolie is an interesting case study for exploring a range of topics that are central to Hollywood stardom - from considerations of representation, and ideas around race, gender, and sexuality, to issues of genre and performance. Among the recordings gathered here are films, interviews with the actor, and news footage about her humanitarian campaigning. Indeed, by combining clips of her on-screen roles and off-screen campaigning, this playlist allows students and scholars to explore some of the complex ways in which these two aspects of Jolie's stardom intersect.


Dr Joshua Gulam, Liverpool Hope University


  • Film studies


Angelina Jolie, Stardom, Humanitarianism, Celebrity, Stars, Hollywood, Gender, Sexuality, Genre, Action Star

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