Popular Music, Media and Culture




This playlist demonstrates the connections between popular music, media, and culture across British television from the 1960s to the present day. The use of media as an integral way to communicate and explore popular music is emphasised by this collection, which features music videos, documentaries, music television performances, interviews, and compilations. This playlist also demonstrates the changing forms of music, media, and culture across the decades, incorporating music genres such as hip-hop, grime, reggae, soul, ska, punk, indie, disco, pop, synth, and other movements such as Grunge, Britpop, Cool Cymru, and K-pop. This collection also traces experiences and links between popular music and meaning, in terms of connections to fandom and belonging, record labels and music stores, and ultimately giving deep insights into the different ways that music vibrantly and importantly can converge with notions of place, identity, politics and protest.


By Dr Lucy Bennett, Cardiff University


  • Media studies, Television studies


Music, media, culture, race, gender, fandom, subculture, television