Annual General Meeting

All the information you need about our AGMs

Every year, we hold our annual general meeting. This is an important time of year where our trustees, team and members come together to celebrate our achievements over the year, reflect on some of the challenges and create a clear path for the future.

About Our Annual General Meeting

Our AGM serves as a vital platform for our members to actively engage in the decision-making process, contribute their ideas and help shape the direction of Learning on Screen.

By attending our AGM, you'll have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our mission, vision, and impact. It's a chance to connect with fellow members, network with passionate individuals, and forge meaningful partnerships. Our AGM provides a unique space where your voice matters, and your insights can help drive positive change.

When are AGMs held and who can attend?

Our AGMs are held in December of every year. The meeting is open to all members. We encourage our members to take part in this yearly event as it offers you a unique opportunity to help shape the future direction of the organisation. This is also a time for you to hear about important policies, strategic plans and we will actively be improving how we work with members. Your input could help shape our priorities, initiatives and objectives. Not to mention, our AGM is a great way to meet other members and engage with fellow professionals and industry experts. This environment could help foster new connection and potential collaborations that can benefit you greatly.

Who can vote?

Although the AGM is open to all Learning on Screen members, only Ordinary members can vote. An Ordinary Member is any member that is a part of an institution (Higher Education, Further Education or School) on a Standard, Premier or Enhanced Premier Membership Level. This means that, if you are affiliated with Learning on Screen as a member in any other capacity, you do not have any voting rights.

What happens if I can’t attend?

We are always excited to meet our members and encourage you to join us at the AGM. However, if you are unable to attend, please complete a proxy form. This will help ensure the meeting is quorate. For more information on our AGMs and getting a proxy form, please contact our Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary, Azra Karaselimovic (

Our next Annual General Meeting is on 14th December 2023.