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Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

BoB empowers educators, students, and researchers with a diverse range of educational content. With a user-friendly interface and personalised features, it's an essential tool for integrating audiovisual materials into teaching, learning, and research activities. Please note that BoB requires an additional subscription and does not automatically come with your membership. To learn more or subscribe to BoB, contact

TRILT (Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching)

TRILT is an invaluable resource providing access to comprehensive information about television and radio broadcasts in the UK. Supporting educational activities, research endeavours, and content planning, it offers detailed programme information, a searchable database, and robust metadata.

OARBS (Off-Air Recording Back Up Service)

Perfect for accessing missed programmes as teaching resources, OARBS allows institutions with an ERA Licence and a Learning on Screen membership to request copies of previously broadcasted television and radio programmes. You can choose to receive recordings via DVD or digital File Transfer. The service grants access to 73,000 hours of UK broadcast and radio recordings each year, with an archive containing 800,000 hours' worth of information. Explore the list of accessible channels with the Off-Air Recording Back Up Service.

Listings and Collections

Access an extensive catalogue of TV and Radio listings, as well as collections gathered since 1969 on British cinema newsreels. This resource offers a rich tapestry of historical and contemporary broadcasts, along with captivating British cinema newsreels, empowering you to delve into the diverse realms of audio-visual media. Elevate your learning, teaching, and research with these valuable resources at your fingertips.

Teaching Resources

Our online teaching resource offers a diverse range of teaching materials accompanied by suggested activities, designed by esteemed academics and adaptable to your unique requirements and teaching objectives.


Stay updated on the use of audio-visual resources with our specialist training, guidance, and services. We provide a dedicated copyright advice service, citation guidelines for using audio-visual content, and copyright training courses to ensure proper referencing and compliance.

Curated Playlists

Enhance the teaching and learning experience with the BoB curated playlists designed around specific subject areas or modules. As a valued member, you'll have access to hundreds of playlists, and the flexibility to create your very own personalised playlists.

Explore and utilise these resources to elevate your learning, teaching, and research. Empower yourself with an enriching academic journey, backed by the wealth of valuable resources available to you.

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