Terms and Conditions

Quick guidance to using BoB (see full T&Cs below):

  • You may: watch & listen to streamed* video/audio for educational and non-commercial use only within the United Kingdom; share and embed programmes, clips and playlists with other authorised users (any embedded videos must always acknowledge the source and title of the programme and the ERA licensing scheme - see text under each video on BoB).
  • You may not: make copies of the video/audio content; use the programmes for non-educational or for commercial use; alter or adapt the programmes apart from simple clip creation; use BoB from outside the United Kingdom; share your personal login credentials with others or make defamatory or abusive comments.

* If subscribing at School Membership Level 1, you may also watch & listen to downloaded video/audio for educational and non-commercial use only within the United Kingdom.

BoB is a shared service delivered by Learning on Screen - the British Universities and Colleges Film and Video Council. It is made available only to users of UK HE/FE educational institutions (that are members of the Learning on Screen and holders of a valid ERA Licence) for their personal study, teaching and research. It is each user’s responsibility to ensure that the materials made available are used strictly within the terms and conditions permitted by the licence and outlined here.

Terms & Conditions of Use:

What’s allowed

  1. Watch the streamed videos as long as you keep within the terms of the ERA Licence, which is strictly for non-commercial educational use via secure authentication.
  2. Create online clips and playlists and share them with other authorised users in the UK.
  3. Add to the record description or comment on the videos to create user-generated metadata (which may be retained by the BUFVC & BBC).
  4. Incorporate videos (only by way of the BoB link/embed codes), original broadcaster metadata and user-generated metadata (comments, playlists, clips, etc.) in printed and electronic coursework or study packs hosted on a secure network / virtual learning environment for educational purposes only. Each item must carry acknowledgement of the source and title.
  5. Content may be played/displayed to groups on the premises of the licensed educational establishment but only in the course of instruction.

What’s not allowed

  1. No copies of the videos may be made. BoB is a streaming service and its content may not be copied or stored under any circumstances. There are other methods of obtaining licensed copies (please see FAQs).
  2. No video or text material may retransmitted online or via the Web.
  3. The videos or metadata cannot be used for commercial or promotional purposes.
  4. You may not alter/adapt the films in any way.
  5. You may only access or use BoB in the United Kingdom. If you are in another country the licence and associated exceptions in law do not apply and you may not access BoB content, even if you are an authorised user in the UK.
  6. The videos and data must only be accessed and displayed via your institution’s secure login/network.
  7. All video and text material must only be accessed by registered students and staff at your institution. All other users are not authorised. Content viewed 'off the premises' of the licensed establishment is strictly for use in the course of study - this excludes sharing the viewing of content with non authorised users such as friends, family or general audiences
  8. Any textual contributions to the metadata must not be defamatory and must be the user’s own original work. Any third party content must be clearly acknowledged and only be used with the express consent of the copyright owner.
  9. User names and passwords are personal and define you as an authenticated user, sharing of these details with anyone else is strictly forbidden.
  10. When you leave the licensed educational institution (either as a student or member of staff) you will no longer be able access the BoB system.

Note: Nothing in these Terms of Use shall constitute a waiver of any statutory right available from time to time under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 or any amending legislation. For more information please contact ask@bufvc.ac.uk

Licensing Information

BoB operates specifically within the terms of the ERA licensing scheme offered by the Educational Recording Agency. Any institution given access to share the facility is required to be a) in membership of Learning on Screen and b) hold a current ERA licence. The ERA licence operates only within the territory of the United Kingdom and relates to off campus access to content acquired under Section 35 of the UK's Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. The ERA is a licensing and collecting agency that represents broadcasters, performers and rights holders. For more information, please visit the ERA website.