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  • Archives for Education: The Refugee Experience

    Published on: 22nd October 2019

    The theme of migration and borders is just one of the areas explored in a free archival resource I've developed with the BFI and BBC Archive for student filmmakers in higher education. The Archives for Education project makes available 39 documentaries from the BFI National Archive and BBC Archive for creative reuse on course-related projects… continue reading.

  • Changing the Story: Child Migrant Films

    Published on: 9th October 2019

    Over 50% of people displaced in the world today are children (under 18) but rarely do the media or political discourse address the magnitude, complexity and diversity of their experiences. All too often child migrants are classified as vulnerable or victim and without agency or along such binary classifications as innocent or evil. The website… continue reading.

  • "The phantom lady of interwar European cinema" - Franciska Gaal

    Published on: 9th October 2019

    Austrian film critic Michael Omasta describes her as “the phantom lady of interwar European cinema”, thus emphasising the fact that the erstwhile popular European star Franciska (alternatively 'Franziska') Gaal is mostly forgotten today (Omasta, 2016). Between 1932 and 1936, however, Gaal was a celebrated star of nine popular German-language sound films. All of them were… continue reading.

  • Icepops: copyright education, music and games

    Published on: 9th October 2019

    On the 26th June 2019 the University of Edinburgh hosted the second Icepops conference and we were grateful to Learning on Screen for being one of the sponsors of the event. Icepops is the ‘International Copyright-literacy Event with Playful Opportunities for Practitioners and Scholars’ and was devised by me and Chris Morrison. When we first… continue reading.

  • Jill Cragie — Film Pioneer

    Published on: 9th October 2019

    Jill Craigie (1911-1999) was a British filmmaker who wrote, produced and directed a number of films between the 1940s and late 1950s. Craigie secured a foothold in the British film establishment and was able to make innovative films that criticised the mores of British culture. Rooted in a socialist tradition that emphasised education and widening… continue reading.

  • Enemies: A Love Story

    Published on: 9th October 2019

    The day I went to see Enemies: A Love Story, the cinema was so full, there were no seats left. My friend and I sat on the steps that went down the centre of the screening room. It didn’t seem to be like a bad place to be – we had a good view of… continue reading.

  • Animating Rights: Bristol Refugees

    Published on: 9th October 2019

    It all began with a problem. Bristol Refugee Rights, where I worked as a volunteer, wanted to make a video about the plight of its members, refugee and asylum seekers from all over the world. But, if their faces were seen and recognised, there could be serious consequences for their family or friends back home.… continue reading.

  • Seeing Migration: Britain on Film on Tour

    Published on: 9th October 2019

    Since 2014 the Independent Cinema Office (ICO) has partnered with the British Film Institute (BFI) to curate feature-length programmes of short archive films, taken from the UK’s national and regional film archives, and distribute them to cinemas and community film exhibitors across the country. These ‘Britain on Film on Tour’ packages have brought archive films… continue reading.

  • Power to the People: British Music Videos 1966-2016

    Published on: 9th October 2019

    Music business mogul Jeff Ayeroff once commented: ‘there is no doubt in my mind that many music videos play to the most base elements of our culture. But there are also many videos that show the best elements, and those can only be described as high art’ . This statement makes clear the somewhat awkward… continue reading.

  • Resisting displacement, overcoming separation in Palestinian Cinema

    Published on: 9th October 2019

    Since 2016, Sarita Malik, Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at Brunel University London, has been leading a team of researchers working on a large AHRC funded consortia project focused on the relationship between communities, creative production and inequality. Creative Interruptions researches how marginalised communities use the arts, media and creativity to challenge exclusion. Through… continue reading.