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  • Screening Socialism: TV and Everyday Life in Socialist Eastern Europe

    Published on: 8th January 2016

    Dr Sabina Mihelj gives an overview of the Screening Socialism project and discusses preliminary results.… continue reading.

  • Opening the Window on Shakespeare's Biggest Classroom

    Published on: 11th December 2015

    Taryn Storey, the Royal Shakespeare Company's Higher Education Programme Developer, provides a back-stage tour of a digital collaboration between the RSC and Ravensbourne College.… continue reading.

  • Encountering Europe on Screen

    Published on: 30th November 2015

    Dr Huw Jones, University of York, explains how the MeCETES project is unearthing the role that European film and TV drama plays in constructing our European sense of identity.… continue reading.

  • Feature Films on British Television in the 1970s

    Published on: 13th November 2015

    Dr Sheldon Hall, Senior Lecturer in Stage and Screen Studies at Sheffield Hallam University, gives us a report on the history of the showing of feature films on British television during the 1970s.… continue reading.

  • Broadcasting Live ... From Space

    Published on: 30th October 2015

    Dr Mike Allen is Senior Lecturer for the Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies at Birkbeck, University of London. Here he looks at channel 4's Live From Space series and discusses how far the experience of being an astronaut can truly be captured for the audience at home.… continue reading.

  • Is the Future MOOC?

    Published on: 19th October 2015

    FutureLearn is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Open University and is the first UK-led provider of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). We speak to Simon Nelson, its CEO, about its history as well as the organisation's aims and ambitions.… continue reading.

  • Surviving PhDs

    Published on: 21st September 2015

    Stephen Engelhard is the founder of Angel Productions, and produces and directs its videos for universities. He explains how his company made The PhD Survival Video, one of a continuing series of productions to support the training of doctoral students used in more than 70 UK institutions.… continue reading.

  • Spaces of TV: Production, Site and Style

    Published on: 7th September 2015

    Until the 1990s, most British TV was shot on video in the studio, with film used only for exteriors. What impact did physical space have on both changing modes of production and television aesthetics?… continue reading.

  • The Film Space

    Published on: 25th August 2015

    A new free teaching resource aims to encourage and build an understanding and appreciation of moving images, in all forms, for those in full-time education. Its co-founder, Ian Wall, fills in the blanks.… continue reading.

  • Screening Science

    Published on: 11th August 2015

    Cardiff sciSCREEN is a cross-disciplinary programme that promotes engagement between science and the academy through audio-visual media. Dr Andrew Bartlett, Cardiff University, provides an overview.… continue reading.