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by John Hill

  • Sausages and Storylines: 40 Years of Grange Hill

    Published on: 28th November 2018

    Set in a London comprehensive school, Grange Hill was first broadcast on 8 February 1978. Although initially conceived as a nine-part series, the programme proved to be so popular that it carried on until 2008. It also earned a reputation for its realism and willingness to tackle difficult subjects – from bullying and truancy to… continue reading.

  • Asunder

    Published on: 28th November 2018

    Professor Esther Johnson, Sheffield Hallam University, tells the story of an English town during World War I with her documentary feature film Asunder.… continue reading.

  • Sounds of the City: The making of London Symphony

    Published on: 25th October 2018

    In the early 1920s, a new genre of creative documentary emerged: the city symphony. Seeking to capture the essence of a given city, the films were often made by people with a background in the avant garde or the fine arts. Manhatta (1921), generally considered to be the first city symphony, was directed by the… continue reading.

  • Women's Work

    Published on: 9th May 2018

    Dr Melanie Bell, Associate Professor in Film and Media at the University of Leeds, provides an overview of a new Learning on Screen resource, which sheds light on the history of women’s contribution to British film and television production.… continue reading.

  • Royal Anthropological Institute

    Published on: 19th April 2018

    We spoke to Caterina Sartori, who is responsible for the film information service and the film festival at The Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI).… continue reading.

  • Born Free

    Published on: 25th January 2018

    Dr Louise Gentle, Nottingham Trent University, examines James Hill’s classic Born Free and its enduring influence on the teaching of higher education wildlife conservation.… continue reading.

  • Memory of the Camps

    Published on: 5th January 2018

    Dr James Jordan, University of Southampton, examines the restoration of the allied liberation documentary German Concentration Camps Factual Survey … continue reading.

  • Furthering Film Education

    Published on: 21st November 2017

    Learning on Screen spoke to Truro and Penwith College and the Manchester Film School about their different approaches to teaching filmmaking at FE level, and the success their methods are having.… continue reading.

  • Bringing the Past to the Future

    Published on: 19th September 2017

    Frazer Ash, Digital Transfer Manager for Learning on Screen, reports on our off-air digitisation project and the valuable archive television content that will be made available in BoB.… continue reading.

  • An Education Experiment

    Published on: 7th September 2017

    Dr Alex Southern, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, reflects on a post-war government ‘experiment’ in visual education and its relevance to today’s moving image media literacy agenda.… continue reading.