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  • Editor's Note: Issue 117 'Artificial Intelligence'

    Published on: 31st March 2021

    Welcome to ViewFinder Issue 117: Artificial Intelligence This term we have been looking at how AI is already and might further influence teaching, film and television production. Highlights from Issue 117 include: 'Smart Schools: AI technology and Education Futures as Imagined on Screen' by Amy C. Chambers and R. Lyle Skains; a skilfull exploration of… continue reading.

  • Smart Schools: AI technology and Education Futures as Imagined on Screen

    Published on: 31st March 2021

    Long before we had the technology to make it a reality, humans have been fascinated by the concept of artificial intelligence (AI): a completely human-made being that can learn and make decisions independently. We have wondered how they would look, sound, and act. Most often, and in true self-centric form, we have wondered how they… continue reading.

  • From Presence to Prominence

    Published on: 31st March 2021

    ####How can computer vision widen the evidence base around on-screen representation? Quote 1: “The goal must be that the diversity of employment in film should represent the diversity in the population as a whole. [...] although the problem of under representation has been recognised and discussed over a number of years, very little has been… continue reading.

  • From the Ground Up

    Published on: 30th March 2021

    ####Designing Conversational Audiovisual Narratives Using Chatbot #####Introduction Young audiences today use many different forms of messaging as a means of communication. Advertisers and marketing gurus have come to understand the value of the chatbot as new ways of appealing to a young demographic and potential consumers. Research evidence shows that teenagers read a lot more… continue reading.

  • Heroines in Flux: Gender and Screenwriting

    Published on: 30th March 2021

    When The Woman in the Story: Writing Memorable Female Characters was first published in 2010, I was surprised by the positive reception to the book from a very wide range of readers; not only screenwriters like me, but directors, producers, script development execs, film funding bodies, script development agencies, fiction writers, and academics and students… continue reading.

  • Copyright Law and the Use of AI in Audiovisual Academic Research

    Published on: 30th March 2021

    There is great potential for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in research projects on audiovisual works. With the new developments in natural language processing and computer vision, AI is becoming more capable in tasks like transcription, translation, or genre classification, without help from humans. AI can also detect faces and can highlight certain things in the… continue reading.

  • Secrets of Nature

    Published on: 30th March 2021

    Secrets of Nature was a series of shorts which introduced interwar British viewers to the natural world using a diverse range of subjects – from water fleas and slime mould to cuckoos and newts – using inventive technological solutions, including time-lapse and cinemicrography. Usually screened before the main feature, alongside a newsreel or a Disney… continue reading.

  • Can AI Simplify the Workflow of Documentary Pre-Editing?

    Published on: 26th March 2021

    ####A theoretical frame for an AI content-based footage retrieval system Automatic video editing is one of the emerging trends in the film industry and film production studies, aiming to provide a solution to simplify the post-production workflow and improve the overall efficiency of film production. In the current documentary post-production workflow, editors are often submerged… continue reading.

  • Editor's Note: 116 'Home'

    Published on: 10th November 2020

    Since the last themed issue (114’s Spring collection on Decolonisation, 115 was a ‘best of the decade’ collection) life around the world has, quite clearly, changed significantly. Despite me choosing the theme of ‘Home’ for issue 116 around two years ago when planning ahead, the arrival of Covid-19 pandemic makes it now seem like an inevitable, and sadly sibylline choice. … continue reading.

  • Young Migrants’ Home in Ireland

    Published on: 10th November 2020

    What do we exactly mean when we refer to ‘home’? How does the meaning of home change after one migrates? These questions were the focus of a recent project which I conducted at University College Cork, Ireland, titled, Youth Home. The study was an exploration of the meaning of ‘home’ among young male migrant men living in Cork city.… continue reading.