Global Pilot Terms & Conditions


We kindly request that you thoroughly review the following terms and conditions before participating in this exciting educational initiative. Your involvement is critical to the success of this project, aimed at expanding educational opportunities for international students.

1. Eligibility: This project is open to educators and librarians at higher education institutions (HEIs) in the United Kingdom who hold a current ERA licence, are active members of Learning on Screen and subscribe to Box of Broadcast.

Content is made available to students in distance learning programmes, those studying at offshore UK university campuses, and individuals temporarily studying overseas.

Staff and students enrolled at partner institutions, further education (FE) college students, and offshore students at overseas campuses of British schools are all ineligible.

2. Duration: The project is scheduled to run from October 2023 to August 2024 during the pilot phase.

3. Access Rights and Limitations: By participating, you acknowledge and accept the rights associated with accessing and using curated playlists.

These playlists will be accessible globally through Box of Broadcasts, enabling offshore student parity and will be accessible for eleven months, with no geographical restrictions during this period.

These playlists will not be shareable with individuals outside the Learning on Screen membership, ensuring that the content is used exclusively for educational purposes.

Global access to curated playlists will be exclusively limited to offshore students and students temporarily outside of the UK.

4. Content Guidelines: When creating curated playlists, please adhere to the provided content guidelines:

  • Refrain from including feature films produced after 1st Jan 2000, or culturally sensitive topics.

  • Curated playlists consisting solely of films are subject to limitations. Learning on Screen guidelines and review process will be in place to maintain content quality.

5. Feedback and Data Collection: Participants may be required to provide feedback through online surveys, and data related to playlist usage, subject area and global cohort size will be collected and analysed to enhance the project.

6. Intellectual Property: Curated playlists created within the project will be the property of Learning on Screen.

7. Privacy: Data privacy and protection concerns will be addressed, particularly if any personal data is collected during the project.

8. Termination: The right to remove global access to a playlist if outside agreed project limitations is reserved.

9. Future Use: After the pilot concludes, curated playlists will be integrated into the BoB service permanently, and global access rights will be removed.

If you have any questions please contact our team at