BoB Curated Playlists

A rich resource of collected clips and individual Television or radio broadcasts created by academics around specific subject areas or modules.

Women and Theatre

By Dr Bridie Moore, University of Huddersfield

Subject: Drama, Theatre studies, Performing Arts

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Sustainability Marketing

By Stephen Raybould, Birmingham City University

Subject: Marketing, Business studies

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Race and Ethnicity on British TV 1970 - 1995

By Dr Gil Toffell, Learning on Screen

Subject: Sociology, History, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Human Geography

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Angelina Jolie: Film Stardom, Gender, and Humanitarianism

By Dr Joshua Gulam, Liverpool Hope University

Subject: Film studies

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Creative Immersive Storytelling and Human Trafficking

By Dr Shreepali Patel, Anglia Ruskin University, StoryLab

Subject: investigative journalism, TV production techniques, experimental storytelling

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Classical Music in Film

By Dr Jonathan Godsall, Royal Holloway, University of London

Subject: Music, film

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Infertility and non-traditional family building on screen

By Dr Rebecca Feasey, Bath Spa University

Subject: TV studies, Media Studies

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National and Transnational Spanish Cinema

By Professor Nuria Triana Toribio, University of Kent

Subject: Hispanic Studies and Cinema

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Fashion, Sustainability and Beauty

By Jennifer Williams-Baffoe, at University Arts London

Subject: Fashion

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Jazz on BBC Television

By Dr Nicolas Pillai, Birmingham City University

Subject: Music

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Stars, Stardom and Representation

By Dr Julie Lobalzo Wright, University of Warwick

Subject: Film and Television Studies

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Biology in Broadcast Media

By Dr Chris Willmott, University of Leicester

Subject: Biology

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Media History and Politics

By Dr Gracia Ramirez, School of Media, LCC, UAL

Subject: Media Studies

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AHRC Disinformation project

By Dr Marina Morani, Dr Nikki Soo and Professor Stephen Cushion, Cardiff University

Subject: Journalism

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Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Documentaries

By Professor Nathan Abrams, Bangor University

Subject: Film

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Cultural Studies and Creative Industries

By Professor Margaretta Jolly, University of Sussex

Subject: Cultural Studies and Creative Industries

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Essential Shakespeare

By Professor Nandini Das, University of Oxford, Exeter College

Subject: Literature

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Shakespeare's Drama

By Dr Mary Ann Lund, University of Leicester

Subject: Literature

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Shakespeare: Perspectives

By Saffron Vickers Walkling, York St John University

Subject: Literature

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Shakespeare: Performance and Politics

By Dr Ailsa Grant Ferguson, University of Brighton

Subject: Literature

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Transformative Services of Botanic Gardens

By Nicholas Catahan, Edge Hill University

Subject: Accountancy, Business and Marketing

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Marketing Communications

By Stephen Raybould, Business School, Birmingham City University

Subject: Marketing Communications

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