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  • 10 Years of the IWM Student Film Festival

    Published on: 28th May 2013

    The Imperial War Museum’s Student Film Festival, to be renamed the 'IWM Short Film Festival', will return in 2014 after the IWM's closure for major refurbishment. Toby Haggith, Senior Curator in the Department of Research at the Museum provides a guided tour of its history and celebrates the festival's first decade of activity.… continue reading.

  • We Need to Talk About Dying

    Published on: 10th May 2013

    Someone in Britain dies every minute but many risk missing out on having their end of life wishes met due to a reluctance to talk about dying, death and bereavement. Joe Levenson, of the Dying Matters Coalition, discusses the importance of media in getting its message across.… continue reading.

  • A Technicolor Ride through the 60s and 70s

    Published on: 23rd April 2013

    Linda Kaye guides us through Roundabout, the cinemagazine now online used by government to promote Britain as a progressive world leader to South and South-east Asia.… continue reading.

  • Open Education Resources

    Published on: 27th March 2013

    The advent of Open Education Resources (OERs) has seen a significant change in higher education practice. Professor Martin Weller tracks its development.… continue reading.

  • Do we ♥ Hitchcock?

    Published on: 22nd February 2013

    Is there still more to learn about Alfred J. Hitchcock, already the most written about filmmaker in the history of the medium? Professor Charles Barr offers a fresh perspective.… continue reading.

  • Shakespeare and World Cinema

    Published on: 6th February 2013

    Mark Thornton Burnett explores the contemporary significance of Shakespeare cinema outside the Hollywood and UK mainstream.… continue reading.

  • Channel 4: Thirty Years Later

    Published on: 3rd January 2013

    To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the launch of Channel 4, in November the University of Portsmouth held a two-day conference dedicated to the output of the UK’s fourth terrestrial TV channel. Dr Ieuan Franklin provides an overview of the event. … continue reading.

  • Enlightening Science

    Published on: 4th December 2012

    The Enlightening Science Project was established to create an educational resource to inform and engage users on the core concepts behind Isaac Newton's scientific achievement. Professor Rob Iliffe provides an overview.… continue reading.

  • Colour Films in Britain

    Published on: 9th November 2012

    Professor Sarah Street introduces her new book, 'Colour Films in Britain: The Negotiation of Innovation, 1900-55', the first study to trace the history of colour films, their styles and technologies in Britain when colour films were far from the norm.… continue reading.

  • Oxford Gets Wired

    Published on: 10th October 2012

    On 7 October 2008 the University of Oxford launched its podcast site on iTunes U. Four years and more than 4,000 audio and video podcasts later and Oxford's iTunesU website has had more than 18 million downloads so far.… continue reading.