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  • Chronicle: BBC Northern Ireland’s television news from the 60s and 70s

    Published on: 13th June 2012

    Chronicle is a new academic resource bringing together thousands of titles for the first time. Dr Martin Doherty considers its potential value as a historical resource.… continue reading.

  • Screen Plays: Theatre Plays on British Television

    Published on: 6th June 2012

    A new research project is currently underway with the ambitious aim of collating information on all plays written for the theatre that have been produced for British television since 1930. … continue reading.

  • Watching Seven Up

    Published on: 8th May 2012

    56 Up, the latest edition in the 'Seven Up' series of TV documentaries shown at at seven yearly intervals, has just been screened. Susanne Hammacher looks at the history and impact of the films.… continue reading.

  • The Holocaust on Film - Shoah

    Published on: 20th April 2012

    Professor Michael Berkowitz looks at the history behind Claude Lanzmann’s monumental 10-hour documentary 'Shoah' (1985) in the light of a new book dedicated to the film in the BFI Film Classics range by Sue Vice.… continue reading.

  • Withnail and Us - Fan Worship

    Published on: 16th March 2012

    What makes a film become a cult and what are the characteristics of the cult film fan? Paul Booth digs deep for some answers in the light of Justin Smith’s new book, Withnail and Us.… continue reading.

  • Makers | Our Story

    Published on: 13th March 2012

    Mamakers | Our Story is a new documentary about the movie business. The filmmakers describe their journey in a challenging industry. Are these people brave, commendable or delusional?… continue reading.

  • Producing BFI Flipside's 'Her Private Hell'

    Published on: 20th February 2012

    Josephine Botting of the British Film Institute discusses how she helped return an obscure 1960s British film to video for the BFI Flipside series. … continue reading.

  • Springboard Gives Norfolk TV Punch!

    Published on: 15th February 2012

    Students at the College of West Anglia have been using community broadcasting resource SpringboardTV. Course Director Anthony Barnett and some of his students outline the project’s development.… continue reading.

  • Channel 4 and Educational Programming

    Published on: 15th February 2012

    Ever since Channel 4 began broadcasting on 2 November 1982, it has courted controversy and innovation in equal measure. Maggie Brown considers its contribution to education.… continue reading.

  • Channel 4: Education with a Difference

    Published on: 15th February 2012

    Dorothy Hobson looks at the legacy of Channel 4's eduational output and the role played by the late Naomi Sargant. … continue reading.