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  • Re-discovering Thorold Dickinson

    Published on: 12th December 2011

    James Leahy provides a personal view of three films made by educator and filmmaker Thorold Dickinson now on DVD.… continue reading.

  • What is Women's Film History?

    Published on: 7th December 2011

    The Women’s Film History Network-UK/Ireland is an emerging organization open to anyone committed to investigating women's film history. Christine Gledhill, AHRC Network Coordinator, discusses the Network’s aims.… continue reading.

  • Forgotten Futures: Q&A with Elizabeth Lebas

    Published on: 6th December 2011

    A new study by Elizabeth Lebas explores Britain’s rich but neglected history of municipal filmmaking. We spoke with the author about her research, now published as Forgotten Futures: British Municipal Cinema 1920-1980.… continue reading.

  • Do You ♥ Copyright?

    Published on: 6th December 2011

    In the light of the acceptance by government of the recommendations made by the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property, what are the potential benefits to education? Emily Goodhand considers this in light of her every-day activities as Copyright and Compliance Officer at the University of Reading.… continue reading.

  • Digital Theatre Plus

    Published on: 30th November 2011

    Digital Theatre Plus specialises in online delivery of filmed stage productions on-demand to the education sector. We spoke with Fiona Lindsay, their Creative Producer, about the company’s activities and how she is working to develop their online learning content. … continue reading.

  • JISC Legal

    Published on: 24th November 2011

    Jason Miles-Campbell of JISC Legal considers how important Intellectual Property Rights really are to staff and students in HE and FE in the UK.… continue reading.

  • Televising History

    Published on: 24th November 2011

    Professor Ann Gray and Dr Erin Bell look at how embedded the version of history as presented on television have become in the public consciousness.… continue reading.