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  • Channel 4: Education with a Difference

    Published on: 15th February 2012

    Dorothy Hobson looks at the legacy of Channel 4's eduational output and the role played by the late Naomi Sargant. … continue reading.

  • Screening Science

    Published on: 15th February 2012

    Dr Andrew Bartlett profiles Cardiff sciSCREEN, a cross-disciplinary programme that promotes engagement between science and the academy through audio-visual media.… continue reading.

  • Channel 4's First 25 Years

    Published on: 15th February 2012

    About the Author: Justin Smith is principal lecturer and subject leader for Film Studies, University of Portsmouth. His publications include monograph, Withnail and Us: Cult Films and Film Cults in British Cinema, 1968-86 (I. B. Tauris, 2010) and (with Sue Harper) British Film Culture in the 1970s: The Boundaries of Pleasure (Edinburgh University Press, 2011).… continue reading.

  • National Video Archive of Performance

    Published on: 16th January 2012

    The V&A Museum now holds the archive of over 200 stage performances recorded expressly for scholarly access which are not available commercially. Jill Evans provides an overview of the National Video Archive of Performance.… continue reading.

  • Science Communication

    Published on: 16th January 2012

    Turning scientists into journalists: It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it and Nicholas Russell outlines the aims and objectives of the Science Communication Group at Imperial College.… continue reading.

  • Listening to Britain

    Published on: 16th January 2012

    With the British Library’s recently concluded audio project, the UK SoundMap, curation meets crowd-sourcing. Chris Clark, the project manager, discusses the challenges.… continue reading.

  • Textbook Stuff

    Published on: 12th December 2011

    Viewfinder speaks to actor, writer and director Barnaby Edwards about his new company's audio projects featuring Martin Jarvis, Miriam Margolyes, David Soul, Andrew Sachs and John Sessions.… continue reading.

  • Re-discovering Thorold Dickinson

    Published on: 12th December 2011

    James Leahy provides a personal view of three films made by educator and filmmaker Thorold Dickinson now on DVD.… continue reading.

  • What is Women's Film History?

    Published on: 7th December 2011

    The Women’s Film History Network-UK/Ireland is an emerging organization open to anyone committed to investigating women's film history. Christine Gledhill, AHRC Network Coordinator, discusses the Network’s aims.… continue reading.

  • Forgotten Futures: Q&A with Elizabeth Lebas

    Published on: 6th December 2011

    A new study by Elizabeth Lebas explores Britain’s rich but neglected history of municipal filmmaking. We spoke with the author about her research, now published as Forgotten Futures: British Municipal Cinema 1920-1980.… continue reading.