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  • The Beaver

    Published on: 30th November 2011

    Doctor Andrew Macaulay on how a ventriloquist’s dummy can be a bizarre psychological creation ...… continue reading.

  • Walter

    Published on: 26th November 2011

    A harrowing insight into social responses to mental disability in post-war England… continue reading.

  • A Clockwork Orange

    Published on: 24th November 2011

    Dr Sian Barber considers whether the world need another book on Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. … continue reading.

  • Voices in the UK

    Published on: 24th November 2011

    Professor Paul Kerswill reviews a two-CD set of English dialects as they once were.… continue reading.

  • Minnie & Moskowitz

    Published on: 24th November 2011

    Alice Black looks back on John Cassavetes' warmest, wackiest and most optimistic work.… continue reading.

  • Blood upon the Snow: Russia’s War

    Published on: 24th November 2011

    Dr Nick Baron on a landmark series on the heroism and horrors of the Eastern Front during World War Two.… continue reading.

  • Working with Pinter

    Published on: 24th October 2011

    Dr Mark Taylor-Batty reviews a documentary about the late Harold Pinter… continue reading.

  • Sylvia Plath

    Published on: 21st October 2011

    A CD compilation that includes previously unreleased material as well as digitally re-mastered recordings of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.… continue reading.